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Posititioner controller EG-1100


The EG-1100 controller is designed to control the operation of piezo positioners,
such as the Ratis XYZ scanning stage, Vectus, Ratis 1X Single axis, or other piezo device.
The controller collects information from displacement sensors and provides control actions on piezoelectric actuators,
in addition, all collected information is sent to the control computer for subsequent processing and visualization. Also, using a computer,
all motion parameters are set.
The controller has a liquid crystal display that displays the current parameters,
feedback status, current axis positions for positioning. The channel for positioning is selected
by the corresponding button on the front panel, manual positioning is carried out using the built-in encoder with accuracy, Sync En
which is also set using the encoder knob.
To control the position of positioning devices, a digital input is used for UART feedback sensors.

The device has synchronization inputs and outputs.
Communication with the host computer is via the USB interface.



Capable to contol NST nano positioning devices:

Vectis - однокоординатная подвижка.

Ratis XYZ_H
Vectus Ratis XYZ_H
Ratis 1X


Functional data
General characteristics
CPU 32 bit; RISC
PC Interface USB 2.0
Other interfaces RS 232, RS485, SYNC I/O
High-voltage outputs
Voltage -10..150 V
1.2.2 Noise < 5 ppm
1.2.3 Number of channels 3
1.2.4 Resolution (digital-analog converters) 18 bit