Tip Enchanced Raman Scattering

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SWNTs. AFM image. Topography.

SWNTs. Scanning TERS image.

Upper left image - SWNTs on mica surface. AFM image.

Topography. Image size 1000х820 nm.

Upper right image - confocal Raman (TERS) image.

Image size 1000х820 nm.

Simultaneously images.

Lower right image - TERS spectra and image of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT). Blue line on spectrum – tip off, red line – tip on.

Images was obtained with AFM-Raman-Confocal system Centaur. Simultaneously AFM and confocal Raman mode.

TERS spectra. Blue line on spectrum – tip off, red line – tip on.

Tip on optic image.

Tip off optic image.

Laser confocal image of cantilever tip.

Upper left image - "tip on" optic image.

Upper right image - "tip off" optic image.

Lower left image - laser confocal image of cantilever tip.

TERS (Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) –  Raman spectroscopy variations with uses a metallic tip. Usually use gold or silver tips, metall-coated silicon tips. In the presence of Raman scattering from molecules is the signal gain on the metal coating, the amplified signal has sufficient intensity for detection. When scanning the surface on which there are objects with a characteristic Raman scattering, may get their picture. Spatial resolution in this case is comparable to the tip of the probe and is 20-50 nm. In principle, the sensitivity of this method allows to distinguish single molecules on the surface.

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